Old Memories

I spent a formative part of my life in and around Moffett Field in California. I remember P3s constantly practicing touch-and-goes and the ever-encroaching silicon valley on the other side of the freeway that separated the base from Mountain View, CA. I would come out of our base housing townhouse to see this giant airshipContinue reading “Old Memories”

American Life

This is the story of America right now. Themes of poverty, addiction, mental health, and racism all collide on Kensington Ave in Philadelphia. I wanted the composition to be realistic, showing paint strokes or a harsher blending. I kept the color theme modern and utilized a simple screened concrete overlay to add some texture.

Portrait of Brianna Grier

Allegedly, in July of 2022, Brianna Grier died falling out of a moving police car while having a mental health breakdown. Since Brianna passed, I have been heartbroken for her twins and family but also reflecting on my struggle with mental health. Mental health needs compassion and empathy, not police and punishment. The brunch strokesContinue reading “Portrait of Brianna Grier”

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