Diplomatic Drop Out

It does the US no good to fake diplomacy on the world stage. It causes our enemies to say the president has a learning disability. Ivanka Trump playing secretary-of-state or first-lady without any credentials, and Donald Trump using the DMZ between North and South Korea to embrace a despot hurts our global standing, and thatContinue reading “Diplomatic Drop Out”

Blackwater (PMSC) Remembered: Abu Ghraib Human Rights

Expert from: Coutnerterrorism and its Affronts to Human Rights by. Kurtis Edwards **Eric Prince, Blackwater founder, is the brother of Betsy DeVos, current US Secretary of Education. One of the more sinister parts of detaining terrorists and the subject that brings PMSC back in the conversation is the torture and humiliation of prisoners at theContinue reading “Blackwater (PMSC) Remembered: Abu Ghraib Human Rights”

Counterterrorism and its Affronts to Human Rights

Counterterrorism and its Affronts to Human Rights Since the 21st century, there has been a sharp rise in terrorism and counterterrorism measures that are an insult to both international and domestic human rights. This essay will attempt to define the intersection of counterterrorism and human rights and why it is important to either adapt existingContinue reading “Counterterrorism and its Affronts to Human Rights”

Illegal but Lawful: The Responsibility to Protect

The responsibility to protect (R2P) is an illegal but legitimate conception that faces numerous challenges to becoming international law and a customary norm. The past misuse of R2P by the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) creates challenges to R2P that might be insurmountable; clarion calls of R2P being an arm of colonialism, and a tacticContinue reading “Illegal but Lawful: The Responsibility to Protect”

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