Which Wizard is the Stranger in the Rings of Power?

Working with a content creator for Fellowship of Friends making JRR Tolkien content with an emphasis on the Rings of Power. We wanted to create mystery but keep it in the analysis/commentary format. Maping Rhun was my greatest challenge and another chance working with 3d spaces in After Effects.

Pussy Willow and the Bee

A composition I made to practice keyframing versus using a plugin or After Effects. It is filmed on a phone and meant to be tall to convey a modern feel. When I finished keyframing or tracking, I used After Effects for all the video elements. I wanted to use a lot of color and celebrateContinue reading “Pussy Willow and the Bee”

Ukraine: March 2022

On February 24, 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine. In less than three weeks, the conflict has made millions of refugees out of the citizens of Ukraine. Putin is committing war crimes as he marches his army toward Kyiv. I worked pretty hard putting together this mini-doc. It has a soundscape, motion graphics, narration, and sourced videoContinue reading “Ukraine: March 2022”

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