Detroit River

Painting title: Detroit River by Kurtis Edwards

I wanted to capture an introspective feeling and show the Detroit River’s expansiveness. I went with a late summer sunset vibe with lots of warm pinks and cool blues.

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Old Memories

I spent a formative part of my life in and around Moffett Field in California. I remember P3s constantly practicing touch-and-goes and the ever-encroaching silicon valley on the other side of the freeway that separated the base from Mountain View, CA. I would come out of our base housing townhouse to see this giant airship hangar in front of me. The base housing I lived in is long gone, and the airship hangar sits as a shell of its former self. I painted it the way i remember it, full of activity, life, and awe.

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American Life

Painting title: American Life by Kurtis Edwards

This is the story of America right now. Themes of poverty, addiction, mental health, and racism all collide on Kensington Ave in Philadelphia. I wanted the composition to be realistic, showing paint strokes or a harsher blending. I kept the color theme modern and utilized a simple screened concrete overlay to add some texture.

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